WorldCart Online Mall

– Market of Markets –

WorldCart is a subsidiary of the Into SA Group, the leading Corporate Advisory Form for foreign companies and accompany owners when entering the Sub-Saharan African markets. For more than two decades, the advisors of Into SA have been travelling the globe, to present and lecture about risks and opportunities of introducing international companies as well as local and global brands from abroad into Africa.

But not every company and not every company owner is willing or able to enter the markets on the African continent. But instead of moving on in our corporate explorations, the commitment was born, to anyway bring their unique products home. Home to the newest concept of online shopping by stocking the shelves and shops of WorldCart Online Mall, the first true online mall in Africa.

WorldCart saves time and money for everyone by taking over the travels and the search around the globe. Finding that unique product or a uniquely priced competitive product of what has been offered back home for decades, either in an inferior quality or for a price benefitting the African Retail Chains rather than the consumer.

The opening of WorldCart Online Mall is a major stepping stone towards an enhanced 21st century virtual shopping experience and – over time – will combine an unrivaled variety of international products with the advantages and convenience of buying locally, in local currency and without any unnecessary travels or waiting times.

The Mall opened on 1 June 2020, right in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, but did neither falter nor slow down in its efforts to change the local virtual shopping landscape. It opened its doors first to the shoppers located around its home in Centurion for all that live in the Gauteng Province of South Africa but will soon expand to other provinces and later to other African countries as well. Borrowing from the words of Neil Armstrong:

“Opening of WorldCart Online Mall is one small step in South Africa,
but a giant leap for future online shoppers across whole Africa!”