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Brennenstuhl Multiplug Alu – 4-way – SA

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Brennenstuhl Alu-Line Multiplug H05VV-F3G 1.5
4-way Multiplug with 1.8m Extension Lead and Switch
Black with brushed aluminium trimmings
240V, 16A
Manufactured in Germany with a 3-year warranty

In stock

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The innovative Brennenstuhl Multiplug from the Alu-Line brings a refreshing change from the uniform white multiplugs commonly in use in South Africa.

It offers a sleek black design with brushed aluminium trimmings alongside the edges and 4 South African Plug Sockets as well as a switch with light.

To make it stand out even further from the “competition” is the extension lead of 1.8m length, which can be rolled up alongside a groove around the multiplug for hassle-free and tidy storage.

Other specifications:

– Extension Lead with 1.5mm cable core
– 240V, 16A

Manufactured in and imported directly from Germany. Exclusive to WorldCart in Africa with a 3-year warranty.



The brand of Brennenstuhl stands for quality and innovation made in Germany. This claim has been the guiding principle of the family enterprise in the development of new products for over 60 years.With millions of goods sold every year Brennenstuhl recognised the obligation to set the bar high when it comes to design and performance. Quality and safety - at the international level - are their foremost concern.The Multi-way Extensions product range is unique for its variety, design and performance ranging from common triple-outlet power strips to sophisticated high-tech strips with surge protectors, automatic operation and other intelligent features.The Cable Reel product range offers the right solution for any application, whether at home or for heavy-duty professional use.In the Lighting area Brennenstuhl relies on the fascinating powers of LED technology and the LED spotlight programme reflects the dynamic developments in this area by offering attractive new solutions in terms of design, energy efficiency, and durability.Please don’t forget to watch the Brennenstuhl Image Video at “Camera Obscura”, the movie theater in this mall.

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