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Our store has dedicated its efforts to source world-wide for A-Grade cleaning agents, which boast more than the usual flavours while being manufactured to the top standards. In South Africa the consumer is being held hostage by multinational brands, which force firstly the shops and then ultimately the customer to buy their products as they prevent alternatives.

Companies like Procter & Gamble, Unilever or Henkel blackmail South Africa’s retail chains into stocking their brands and their brands only while dictating the price levels.

You, the South African consumer, are under the impression that you have a freedom of choice between brands and that you get value for money. Sorry, but you do not!

Brands like Handy Andy, Sunlight, Domestos and Omo portrait to be top quality products, but they are not. Top quality products are only sold in Europe, the US and parts of Asia, while South Africans are forced to believe that B-Grade products are the epitome of cleaning agents.

NextGenTech and associated companies have dedicated themselves to break those shackles and end misinformation by importing and distributing A-Grade cleaning agents from Turkey, the Middle East and Asia for a fraction of the price, in multiple flavours and a quality that cannot be rivalled by any product offered by the above mentioned “Brand-Kings”.

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