Spring Clean Sale 2020 (… powered by VUMA)

Spring Clean Sale 2020 (… powered by VUMA)

As the winter has lost its cold grip on our homes, it is time to prepare for summer. But before we can again enjoy open doors and windows, welcome relatives and friends, and indulge in the fresh smells of opening blossoms and sprouting leaves, the silent witnesses of the past months in isolation need to be taken care of. It is time for our 2020 Spring Clean Sale, and every assistance in this unwanted yet annual chore is welcome.

Of Cleaner Surfaces and Fresher Air

The secret of any annual Spring Clean lies in the Rule of Hygiene, accompanied by a pleasant fragrance that resembles the rebirth of spring with its multitude of scents and smells as if they were originating from the myriads of plants, flowers, scrubs and trees that prepare to enjoy and embrace the upcoming summer.

It is amazing how the finer dust makes its way secretly and usually unnoticed through cracks and crevices around doors and windows, but once settling and reuniting with their kin they become not only an untidy eye-sight, they are also prone to encouraging bacteria to stay and multiply.

A clean table top, a freshly swept floor and a thoroughly washed table cloth are only three of the ambassadors that announce a clean and hygienic home.

Agents of Hygiene

Long gone are the days that the domestic cleaning process only involved the use of soap and water as the variety of stains, dirt and filth require their individual agents, which are not only categorised by the type of unwanted dirt, but also to which kind of material, fabric and surface they so desperately cling to in a last effort to stay and annoy.

Our Spring Clean Sale sees for the first time a cleaning range, which has an answer to every challenge and produces results, which are usually reserved for the professionals.

Freedom of Choice

Over decades the South African consumer has been denied the freedom of choice when it comes to cleaning products, and mostly without knowing it. Multinational companies have used and abused the local consumer by colluding with greedy retail chains and stocking the shelves only with their products and the products of their price cartell fraternity. What you see today on the shelf – no matter if it is 5 liters of dishwashing liquid or Scented Surface Cleaners – it is (up to 90%) from the same group of manufacturers. You do not exercise a choice when buying their products as they are all one and the same but for a price agreed between fraternity and retail chains with one objective only: to maximise their profits.

Access to Real Quality

Some would object and say that they are getting a top product for their Rands, but they are not! The quality of the cleaning products is B-Grade at best as A-Grade products are reserved for the European and more sophisticated Asian markets. The products are diluted and simply a bad deal. If you look at VUMA Fabric Softener in comparison, you will receive a 4kg bottle of concentrate, which ultimately gives you over 13 litres of fabric softener for the same price like the 2 liter refill of the local leading brands!

Scented Variety

But what applies to the variety in brands and agents also applies to scents and fragrances. Aren’t you tired of lemon dishwashing liquid? How about a VUMA bottle to wash your dishes while smelling the fragrances of apple or pomegranate? Why being limited to lavender and roses when it comes to Shower Gels and Hand Soaps, if you can have the smells of wild berry or cherries filling the air of the bathroom and kitchen?

Have fun with our Spring Clean Sale with the new fragrances and fresh scents of the VUMA cleaning range as you are buying real quality for a price that is fair and lets you forget that your kids just used the apple or cherry cleaner to make fruity bubbles ;-)